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Experienced Trial Attorney and Former Federal Prosecutor

Facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation?  Call Attorney Scott Iseman for a case evaluation, to learn about your rights and how you can begin to regain control over your circumstances. As a former military and federal prosecutor, with significant private practice experience defending clients in state and federal court, Scott is uniquely situated to help clients facing a host of criminal charges and investigations. 

Some of Scott's Wins for Clients Include:

  • winning a full acquittal after a multi-day trial for a married couple accused of animal cruelty and neglect;
  • winning a full acquittal for a veteran facing forcible touching and sexual misconduct charges;
  • obtaining a trial order of dismissal of the People’s entire case during an arson trial;
  • moving before trial to dismiss the entire indictment against a husband and father accused of numerous serious sex crimes;
  • obtaining the dismissal of all campaign finance and related charges against a public official;
  • drafting and arguing the appeal that led to the jury’s verdict being overturned and the entire indictment being dismissed for a public official accused of official misconduct;
  • winning the dismissal of an indictment on appeal based on unjust prosecutorial delay.

*Please note that every case is different and that past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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