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DWI cases involve some of the most detailed factual scenarios and challenging legal issues a criminal defense case can offer. 

From understanding the intricacies of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, the legal basis for probable cause to stop and search a motor vehicle, and knowing how and when expert testimony can and should use, every case requires a critical review of precisely what the Government claims happened. 

Losing your driver’s license could result in relinquishing your job because you can’t get to work. If you face charges with a DWI, you need a DWI attorney experienced in the statutes surrounding these crimes in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

It would be best if you had solid legal representation and an experienced criminal defense attorney in Saratoga County who will protect your rights.

DWI/DUI cases are also unique in that the Government can take your driving privileges away from you before conviction in certain circumstances for some time. If not handled properly, this and other related issues can cause defendants to lose their jobs or be unable to transport their children and carry on the necessary life tasks.

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What are the Penalties for a DWI in New York?

DWI/DUI cases also carry enormous collateral consequences and punishments. 

In addition to the risk of a criminal record, DWI punishments include:

  • Driver’s license suspension or revoked
  • Truck, bus, & cab drivers can lose their livelihoods
  • Breathalyzer for the car installed in your car
  • Ordered to attend various classes
  • Get substance abuse treatment 
  • Pay hefty fines, penalties, and fees

People with professional licenses like attorneys, doctors, and pilots may face disciplinary action and could be at risk of losing their license. They may also have affirmative reporting requirements to their employers and licensing authorities.

Our Saratoga Springs DWI defense attorney can challenge the evidence against you and fight for the best potential result on your behalf!

How to Get a DWI Dismissed in NY?

A DWI charge can be dismissed in NY if there is a determination from the police officer that there was no reasonable suspicion to pull the car over. For instance, suppose the police pull a vehicle over; they can only do so if they have a reasonable doubt that the driver has committed a traffic law violation.

Scott carefully counsels each DWI/DUI client about how the allegation will affect them, what their rights are, what defenses are available and then guides them through the defense process to the best result possible.

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