• Full Acquittal Animal Cruelty and Neglect
    Attorney Iseman represented a married couple who was charged with animal cruelty and neglect. After a multi-day trial, Scott was able to secure a full acquittal.
  • Full Acquittal Forcible Touching and Sexual Misconduct
    Attorney Scott Iseman was able to secure a full acquittal for a veteran facing forcible touching and sexual misconduct charges.
  • Dismissed Arson
    Attorney Iseman obtained a trial order of dismissal of the People’s entire case during an arson trial.
  • Dismissed Sex Crimes
    Scott Iseman moved before trial to dismiss the entire indictment against a husband and father accused of numerous serious sex crimes.
  • Verdict Overturned Official Misconduct
    Scott Iseman drafted and argued the appeal that led to the jury’s verdict being overturned and the entire indictment being dismissed for a public official accused of official misconduct.